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Privacy Policy

Enjoy Secure Shopping With Us!

All the ladies who want to keep themselves always updated with the help of trendy attire also like to protect their personal information while shopping. Indiakurti respects your privacy and associated information. Data collected and used by us from your side will be always protected.

The reason behind why we need to get some crucial information from your end is processing your order in best possible manner without any hindrances. Until, we will receive any interest from your side, we will not send any marketing and promotional email in your mailbox. Accurate and updated consent will be there with us all the time so that, we can deliver the world class amenities for our clients. However, you can get a look on the information we hold, for this you can send us an email.

Note: Our policy will not be applicable for entities those are not owned by us. However, if the concern person has not connected with the services owned by then, we will not entertain them.

How This Document Will Help You?

  • To feel ease during usage of our websites
  • To feel safe when information need to be shared
  • To feel ease to ask us what is running in your mind

Kind of Information We Collect From You?

At your registration time, Indiakurti will ask you to provide necessary information. We are not liable to ask your payment mode and card details like credit/debit card number, pass code, expiration date etc. What you need to take care, your made of transaction should be safe and there should not be any loophole.

At time, you are visiting to our website we may get automatic access of anonymous information from website server logs which will be maintained by Cookies. The cookies will gather the information from your browser which will be transmitted to server and it will get stored on to the hard drive. This information includes:

  • Identification information of users’ computer
  • Users’ computer IP address
  • Domain server information from where our services are being accessed
  • Type of computer and web browser

Information We Gather At Time Of Transaction

  • First and last name of customer
  • Email address of customer
  • Basic contact details including phone number
  • Area’s PIN/ZIP code
  • Age, gender, education, address, occupation etc which is counted in demographic profile

The basic information gathered by us for you will be captured at times when you visit website. For proper and instant delivery of products, we ask delivery and billing addresses separately. We are handling whole sole of our website so, your information is safe with us.

Your Information Will Be Used For!

  • Letting you know about special offers
  • Registration confirmation and password reminders
  • Updating you for change in the policies
  • Renewal notices, order information etc
  • Sending emails for new arrivals update

We use your personal information to update and alert you regarding services. Your information will not be passed to any other or someone working on third party.

Choice To Keep Your Information Along

If you want to keep cookies settings on to share your information with us and to keep the crucial information about the website into computer then, it is your choice. However, you can off the Cookies settings as well. The privacy statement of covers the use of Cookies. With this process, your IP will be there with us so that we can understand the numbers of users we are covering up from same area.

Sudden changes in interest will only accountable when conditions and situations will be in acceptable mode.

  • If you have registered with us but, you don’t want to use the services then, you can ask us to de-active the service for you.
  • For any commercial purposes if your services are being used then, we will update you before doing this.

What Measures We Have To Protect Your Information?

To keep your private information secured, we will identify you before letting your access the account for making any kind of changes. In this manner, your information will not be used, misused, or theft. We believe to follow industry standards for offering our services so there will be not any hurdle in the path of product shopping, still for any query you can drop an email at

Our database is completely secured and protected. Due to evolved nature of the internet, we may update our privacy policy so one should always keep the updates along.

If any of inaccuracies you found in your information, you can make the required changes online or by requesting us to do that.

Regarding Policy Updates

We are authorized to make any kind of changes in policies so you are requested to check terms and policies before you shop the article chosen from website.

100% Secure Shopping